FloorPop  - Interactive Marketing Best Practices for Homebuilders, February 1, 2006
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FloorPop FloorPop (Flr-pop) n. 1. The home buyer who visits a Builder's community and writes a contract for sale the same day. 2. The sound made by a salesperson clicking their heels high in the air and returning to the floor after a prospect signs a contract the day they first meet.

Find Your Mojo: The Power of a Compelling Offer

This month's FloorPop contains a very simple message, "Focus on the offer." One marketing company was able to generate more than 24,000 pre-sale registrations in 15 months for a single development. This registration was no ordinary registration. This registration form had 36 questions and more than 100 points of information on it. Was it just that Las Vegas is a hot market? I don't think so. While I mentioned it briefly in my blog notes (http://floorpop.blogspot.com/2006_01_01_floorpop_archive.html) on January 1, 2006 and in FloorPop last month, there is a secret to effective online lead generation that is often lost. A compelling offer is critical.

Have a look: http://www.hiriselv.com
And the registration form: http://www.hiriselv.com/signup.php?refid=4

Great usability can dramatically improve your lead generation, but a compelling offer can off-set many of the most obvious abuses of online usability. Great content and features are not only useful, but it keeps visitors at your site long enough to generate a lead. However, poor content and the lack of good tools can be offset by a compelling offer. Finally, asking for too much information, too early, is likely to drive away scores of potential home buyer leads. However, even this, can be overcome by the right offer.

So, how do you come out with just the right offer? I do not have a magic formula, but believe you can find your right offer by following a process. The right offer is unlikely to come out of brainstorming. From my vantage point, great offers come from a finely honed unique selling proposition (USP) that is peeled back to the core value proposition. What remains is a single unifying message. When combined with a value proposition that hits the target market with laser focus, you have a winner. It takes both conditions. First a clear USP. Then a value proposition that hits the target market. If you have both those conditions, remarkable things happen.

Builders may have an A+ land position and a good product to put on it. Often, they stop there because they know it will sell well. They miss the opportunity to make it sell great and build initial momentum that can carry them through to the end. Why not add a compelling offer that completes the project?

Let me go back to the example I used for a compelling offer when creating an online form last month. Las Vegas Central is a high-rise condominium development in down-town Las Vegas. This was to be the first attainable urban luxury condominium development in a very hot Las Vegas market.

No doubt, this was to be a winner. On top of this obvious appeal, the initial pricing started at just $139,900 (prices now start in the $300's). Attainable urban hi rise living in a hot market? This is a compelling offer.

If you effectively focus on your compelling offer, you will have more leads and opportunities than you can reasonably handle.

Blair Kuhnen is the publisher of FloorPop and can be reached at 817-658-7698 or via email at kuhnen@earthlink.net.

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