FloorPop  - Interactive Marketing Best Practices, February 2, 2005

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Make Your Redesign Payoff

Okay, so you have decided to upgrade your Web site. You are probably getting advice from any number of people. If you want to really dig into it, here are a few good books to help get you started:

- Don't Make Me Think

- Information Architecture for the World Wide Web: Designing Large-Scale Web Sites

- The Design of Everyday Things

- Designing Web Usability

Define Goals

What makes a great Web site? Surely you will want to follow good Web design and usability principles, but you also want marketing results. When I was at Travelocity, marketing results were easily measured in terms of airline bookings and other reservations. When I moved to Ameritrade, we looked at accounts being opened and trading volume. Homebuilders can look at leads, dialogues, and physical traffic. But how can you design your site to yield the most leads, dialogues, and physical traffic to communities?

First, agree among your team about priorities. You can't be all things for all users. Which Web site users do you want to serve without fail? For most builders, these are home shoppers. If the purpose of your Web site is to serve the needs of home shoppers, then design your site to meet their goals. Ask users what they are trying to accomplish. If you ask them, they will likely tell you a limited number of things. High on the list is viewing floorplans, elevations, and prices. They also want to learn about your communities and farther down the list many want to learn about your company. Few Web site users are seeking to be entertained or to be slowed down. They want answers and they want them now.

The User Experience

Improve your Web site user experience starting with speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Here are a few proven methods to improve your Web site:

If you are successful in these first three items and your content is good, consumers are likely to have a good experience and accomplish their goals. Now, layer in your goals: driving, leads, physical traffic, and physical traffic.

Leads, Dialogues, and Physical Traffic

All of the following will substantially improve leads and dialogues that will lead to improved qualified physical traffic.

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